Boss is launching an entirely new lineup of pedals with a complete redesign to boot.

The 200 Series features 4 pedals at launch, all of which are based on some of their most popular effects, but this time with an entirely new level of options.

The 4 pedals are the DD-200 Digital Delay, EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer, MD-200 Modulation, and the OD-200 Hybrid Drive.

Each pedal has two switches, one for your standard on/off and the other for presets, which is a big plus for anyone who plays live.

They’re somewhat of a middle ground for those who need more than what the standard stompbox offers, but doesn’t want to break the bank for one of Boss’ 500-series pedals either.

Each pedal has an insane amount of flexibility that even display some features we haven’t seen before, like the many drive types and stacking abilities of the OD-200.

These will not be available until September 2019, but there’s a lot to be interested in here, and while Boss isn’t known for having a high-end, “boutique” kind of sound, the immense amount of flexibility in these is hard to pass up.

Considering they’ll be launching at a price tag of $249, it’s a pretty reasonable way to put together a fully functional pedalboard for $1,000 that would cover literally everything you could ever want with a full arsenal of delays, modulations, and drives.

Full specs for each pedal can be found on the Boss website.

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