Wired Guitarist is your new favorite source for online guitar reviews (yes, really). We are powered by our community, and are all experienced guitarists who have a passion for gear. We’re always suffering from Guitar Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) and love checking out the newest offerings from brands like Mayones, ESP, Ibanez, PRS, Thorn, Schecter, and more.

We weren’t born overnight, and we definitely aren’t just another guitar site or guitar store that exists to make money.

We began as a simple Facebook page in 2013 – created to bring guitarists together out of a common love of breathtaking guitars.

This quickly led to a community forming around our Facebook page. We worked hard to ensure we could provide a home for modern guitarists and became a family of sorts.

This led to the creation of the Gear Exchange in order to ensure our community could buy & sell gear without paying hefty fees associated with platforms like eBay and Reverb. The Gear Exchange still exists today, with over 25,000 members conducting deals everyday – and still has no fees. (You can join it here)

As our community grew, we saw an opportunity to give our members more… which resulted in this website and the community guitar store.

On this part of our website you’ll find articles that cover just about everything, and then some.

We have in-depth guitar tech tutorials on how to do things like remove the gloss finish from your guitar neck, to installing new pickups We also have complete guides to brands, which explain what each model is and how they stack up to each other. Our expert guitar reviews and videos will help you choose the right guitar.