ESP is a guitar manufacturer known for their quality across their entire product line and their ability to maintain high standing in the metal community. A perfect example of “if it’s not broke, then don’t fix it”, ESP guitars are primed for aggression, with pointy contours and high output pickups, ESP guitars are built for metal.

ESP began as an OEM parts manufacturer for huge companies, such as Schecter, Kramer, and DiMarzio. Their first lines of guitars were high end and heavily priced replicas of USA made guitars such as Strats and Teles. In the 1990’s, they moved the headquarters from Tokyo to Los Angeles and created the LTD guitar line. The LTD models were a more affordable way for people to purchase ESP guitars and it made the company’s instruments more accessible.

In 2002, when Jackson was bought out by Fender, ESP became one of the fastest growing guitar companies in the world. Their ability to create and consistently offer what their demographic was asking for, earned them their metal giants of endorsees, such as Jeff Hanneman of Slayer, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, and Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield of Metallica.

Now, ESP is still known for their excellent quality on their instruments and are one of the most popular companies in the modern metal community. The LTD brand is also still available for the player looking for the ESP quality on a budget.

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