Ibanez is one of the world’s leading guitar manufacturers. Offering a wide variety of instruments that appeal to players ranging from jazz and blues, all the way to modern metal, Ibanez guitars are seemingly everywhere, and for good reason! Sleek contours, versatile electronic configurations, and arguably the best double locking tremolo system on the market have helped attract an ever growing roster of some of the world’s leading guitar players. As a result, Ibanez is a household name amongst musicians but their extremely vast array of instruments can be overwhelming to the uninitiated.

A standout feature of the Ibanez company is it’s ability to innovate and produce models in response to the ever-changing music world. For example, Ibanez was the first company to build production model 7 and 8 string guitars. The ability for Ibanez to produce guitars that excel in any genre is a wonder in itself. Ibanez guitars are endorsed by jazz and blues players such as Andy Timmons and John Scofield, while still being one of the leading manufacturer’s for metal players such as Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders , Mick Thompson of Slipknot, and Herman Li of Dragonforce.

Teaming up with virtuoso Steve Vai to design a guitar together was perhaps the best decision the fine folks at Ibanez have ever made as it led to the creation of a guitar that would serve as the foundation for their entire line over for the next 30 years, the Ibanez JEM. The JEM became the apex of modern superstrats.

After the JEM came many greats guitars such as the RG, RGA, RGD, and the S-series. All of these models are based on the JEM design and are built to perform in the rock and metal genres with ease. If heavier styles aren’t your thing, Ibanez also offers the classy Talman, AR, ARZ, and even some hollow-body models such as the ARTSTAR and Artcore.

Ibanez is definitely a company that offers something for everyone. They have been around for the last 80 years and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they hung around for 80 more. Be sure to check out our Ibanez in-stocks or even check out our Ibanez custom order option, where we can get you any current Ibanez at the best price possible!