Mayones Guitars is one of Europe's premier guitar manufacturers, crafting some of the finest handmade guitars in the world. Staying on the cutting edge of guitar design, they cover the demanding needs of today’s modern guitarist including multi-scale and extended range guitars. Absolutely no corners are cut and no expenses spared to deliver guitars of the highest caliber in terms of build quality as well as aesthetic appeal.

Visually striking models such as the Regius and Setius instantly set Mayones apart from many other builders. Sophisticated contours and very detailed annointments were just the beginning. Offering many custom options and a bevy of exotic woods and materials, they began to attract the attention of well-known guitarists such as Misha Mansoor of Periphery and John Browne of Monuments who made the Mayones name become a staple among the finest guitars crafted today.

Mayones guitars are primarily marketed at the progressive metal community, but they don’t stop there. They offer many high-end instruments with appointments and electronics aimed at any genre. They even have a beautiful hollow-body jazz machine called the Viruoso. Despite advances in technology, Mayones continue to build guitars in small batches, utilizing many of the same meticulous techniques as when they first began. This ensures the same attention to detail and rigorous quality control that has helped them achieve the level of success they have now enjoyed for a good number of years. This combination of perfectionist build procedures with forward thinking concepts such as fanned frets and 7 and 8 string guitars has made Mayones the go-to brand for the modern guitarist looking for an heirloom quality instrument.

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