Founded by master luthier and guitarist extraordinaire, Paul Reed Smith, PRS Guitars is now one of the biggest and longest running american guitar companies, producing instruments for more than 30 years! Based out of Stevensville, Maryland, PRS have built a worldwide reputation for exceptional quality control and customer service.

The PRS Custom 24 was publicly released in the mid-80’s, the time of the super-strat, and there was a gaping hole in the market for classy, vintage-voiced instruments but with a modern sensibility. The guitar was a phenomenal success. Perfectly marrying elements of a Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster to create what is now considered an all American classic. It features a gorgeous carved maple top over a mahogany body and mahogany neck, with a double cutaway for easy upper fret access. Perhaps the most important feature was the 5-way pickup selection of the two humbuckers which allowed full humbucker tones as well as incredibly realistic single coil tones, making this guitar a complete swiss army knife, able to handle playing any style without having to change guitars, and setting the standard for guitar electronics moving forward. It’s no wonder that the PRS Custom 24 became, and still remains, the flagship instrument of the PRS product line.

Today, PRS remains at the forefront cutting-edge of guitar manufacturing. Constantly raising the bar and introducing new techniques, components, and variations to classic models, never resting on laurels or being afraid to shake things up for the sake of producing a better instrument. Their product lineup now includes something for every guitarist including getting more and more into the extended range market, producing 7 string guitars and ones catered towards the modern metal player, shipping in drop tunings such as the Mark Holcomb signature models.

The list of artists who use PRS guitars speaks for the versatility and quality of the instruments on it’s on. You can see these guitars in the hands of guitarists such as, Carlos Santana of Santana, Dustin Waring of Between the Buried and Me, Mark Holcomb of Periphery, and Aaron Marshall of Intervals.

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