As fully authorized Thorn dealers, we can help you spec out and order your dream guitar.

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We are fully authorized to deal Thorn Guitars and are happy to help you spec out your dream guitar!  Our prices are the same as what you would pay if going direct to Thorn.

Thorn is capable of building just about anything you can think of and does so with exceptional care.

However, the main reason Ron Thorn is one of the few boutique luthiers we work with is because him and his team are among the only luthiers  we know that that consistently meet their estimates for build time.

We put together a run of Rune models with Thorn in late 2015, and he delivered the bulk of the guitars early!

This is almost unheard of when going custom, as even large manufacturers frequently have to delay builds.

We highly recommend reading over a review written by one of our community members of his Thorn Custom from a run we put together with Thorn.  Click here to read it, it’s worth a read.

To place an order, or discuss specs, contact us for more information at 1 888 406 1967 or email us at [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: Affirm financing is NOT available on deposits. This includes pre-order deposits for both custom and production models as well as deposits for any special order products. Financing is only available on the remaining balance after a deposit has been paid.