What is String Drop? What is Wired Guitarist? Do aliens exist?

I can’t answer that last question, but maybe I can help with the others.

Wired Guitarist is a community of guitarists and even the occasional bassist, although we pretend the bassists don’t exist.

We also have a community guitar store that helps our community (and others!) get the guitars they want at the best prices possible.

We started developing String Drop in early 2016 after asking our community about the problems they faced with the guitar strings currently available.

The results of our research surprised us because everyone seemed to have similar problems including…

Guitar strings come in weird gauges. The low string is almost always super loose while the highest string is too tight.

Thicker strings don’t sound clear enough when tuning down..

Getting strings is a headache and you have to hope the store you’re going to has exactly what you want.

We took our community’s problems to heart and set out to solve them all with String Drop.

Some of the problems our community faced were easily solved by offering String Drop in subscription flavor (and with free shipping!). This format means nobody has to worry about spending 30 – 40 minutes driving to a store to buy strings…now they just show up when you need them.

The problems people have with strings are a different story though. Oh boy.

It took us almost a year of testing and research to solve the problems with guitar strings. It even required a metallurgist who is also a lifelong guitarist to help us!

About 26 prototypes, and hundreds (I really mean hundreds!) of hours later, we were incredibly frustrated. We were making progress but it was slow…

But hey, we had put too much work into this already, so we pressed ahead and finally settled on an alloy blend we were happy with. The months of hard work finally paid off!

After that we had to figure a lot of things out, like how the $*@* you blend an alloy in mass quantities.

Even now, we aren’t able to make too many of our guitar strings at once, which is why String Drop isn’t always open for new members. It sucks, but we like being able to maintain the high quality we are known for.

As lifelong guitarists, we have been reaping the benefits of our String Drop strings for several months now and using them on all of our personal guitars. We hope you love them as much as we do and are confident you won’t be able to go back to the same old strings with incorrect tension distribution.


Brian Gilmanov